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Los Angeles Business and Civil Litigation Attorney

Chodos & Associates in Los Angeles, California, represents individuals and businesses in civil litigation, criminal defense and administrative law matters.

Clients choose Chodos & Associates to benefit from the decades of experience offered by attorney David Manning Chodos, who personally leads each case. Every case begins with a thorough analysis in order to assemble the appropriate team of attorneys and design an accurate legal strategy. Emphasis is placed on understanding both sides' strengths and weaknesses, which can make the difference between a successful outcome and one that is less than optimal.

The firm's size allows it to mobilize quickly, acting with agility and dynamism when an emergency arises. Yet the experience, knowledge and skill offered enable the firm to protect its clients' rights and interests in extremely complex cases.

A Results-Oriented Firm

Clients choose Chodos & Associates to get results. As part of the initial analysis of any case, the firm carefully weighs the case's value against the cost of litigating the case. Before moving forward, clients will understand the risks and benefits of all available options. Clients are provided all of the information necessary to make informed decisions about their cases.

While Chodos & Associates defines itself as a civil litigation firm, it stresses litigation avoidance if at all possible. Care is taken in the pre-litigation stages in order to build a case correctly, ideally positioning the client for a favorable settlement, if litigation cannot be avoided. The firm can guide clients through arbitration and mediation, which is often required by contract. If trial is necessary, the firm will make full use of its procedural and argumentation skills. The firm is also able to handle appeals of its cases, as well as cases initially tried by other attorneys.

The firm is prepared to take whatever approach is necessary to produce optimal results that truly meet the client's short-term and long-term needs.

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To discuss your case with Los Angeles business and civil litigation lawyer David Manning Chodos, call 866-986-7255 toll free or contact the firm online.