When A Decision Needs To Be Appealed

Appeals are significantly different from trials. Arguments are made via the written word, rather than delivered verbally. The rules of procedure are different, and a lawyer must have a firm grasp of them in order to be successful. Chodos & Associates has successfully handled hundreds of appeals, many of which resulted in rare published opinions. The firm brings decades of experience to appeals of virtually every type of civil litigation — and especially those involving business disputes.

Appellate representation may be necessary in a variety of situations. Perhaps the case was won, but the other side is appealing and you need to make certain that the decision stands. Perhaps the case was won only in part, and part of it needs to be appealed. Perhaps the case was lost and the entire case needs to be appealed. Chodos & Associates can handle all scenarios.

We serve clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

Accepting Referrals Of Appeals

In addition to conducting appeals of cases it tried, Chodos & Associates accept referrals of appeals from fellow attorneys. All referred cases are treated with the same level of attention and care as the firm's own cases. Success is the ultimate goal.

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