Is Settlement The Path To Success?

Trial lawyers often take great pride and personal satisfaction in arguing cases in front of a judge and jury and succeeding. However, there is always risk inherent in going to trial. That risk is not the lawyer's, but the client's. While the process may be electrifying and energizing for an experienced trial lawyer, it is often stressful, costly and time consuming for the client.

Chodos & Associates believe that trial is like surgery. It is the last resort. It should be done only after all other options have been explored and discarded. The firm has built an impressive record in the courtroom, but it also has achieved great success in compelling settlements that meet its clients' short-term and long-term needs.

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Preparing The Case For The Proper Audience

In order to compel a positive settlement, an attorney must understand that the audience is not the judge or jury, but the opponent. The goal is to influence the other side, to make him or her amenable to a settlement that is right for the client. This is not done through blunt attacks. This is done through careful strategy, by subtly revealing the flaws in the opponent's case. Of course, an understanding of trial is critical. The opponent must understand how the flaws in his or her case could lead to a loss if the case were to be taken to trial.

Compelling A Settlement During The Discovery Process

Discovery is the process through which information is obtained from the opponent. Depositions take place during this process. These are where the opponent is asked verbal questions under oath. With decades of experience, Chodos & Associates understand that asking the correct questions the right way can compel a settlement. The goal is to make the opponent answer questions in such a way that he or she comes to understand the flaws in his or her case, ultimately coming to the realization that settling is a better option than running the risk of losing if the case is taken all the way to trial.

In addition to traditional settlement negotiation, the firm is able to seek resolutions through alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation.

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