Protecting Your Interests In Construction Defect Litigation

A defect or alleged defect in the design, materials or construction of a building can put an entire investment at risk. If you are a party to a construction defect dispute, strong and effective legal representation is needed to protect your rights and interests.

Chodos & Associates is a law firm that represents plaintiffs and defendants in all types of construction defect litigation. It has earned a reputation for diligent representation and tenaciousness in pursuing results. We serve clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

What Type Of Defect Occurred In Your Case?

The firm represents clients in construction litigation cases involving:

  • Roof defects
  • Water leakage
  • Improper drainage
  • Defects in construction materials
  • Defects in design
  • Faulty construction techniques or workmanship
  • Environmental law violations
  • And other construction defect disputes

Experienced Advocates To Protect Your Rights

The attorneys at Chodos & Associates have successfully represented clients in many types of real estate disputes. This includes numerous cases involving construction defects in both commercial and residential structures. They understand architectural design issues, construction techniques and the construction industry. When necessary, they call upon experts in design, materials and construction to augment their knowledge and support the client's case.

Practical And Just Solutions

Chodos & Associates is always prepared to pursue or defend litigation all the way through trial. But a building that stands empty or which cannot be fully utilized due to a design or construction problem is a burden to many parties. For that reason, and the fact that litigation can be costly, the firm understands the importance of achieving a solution that is both just and practical.

In many cases the firm seeks to resolve the problem effectively and satisfactorily without resorting to litigation. Remediation or a financial remuneration settlement often provides the best solution. The firm will explain your options and the costs and risks of those options. Then Chodos & Associates will work energetically to achieve the right solution for you.

Contact An Attorney

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