Strong Advocacy In Partnership Disputes

Chodos & Associates handle partnership disputes involving limited liability partnerships (LLP), as well as those involving common law partnerships in which there are no formal documents in place. When it comes to this type of business litigation, the firm will provide a lawyer who is results oriented and committed to meeting the client's short-term and long-term needs.

We serve clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

What Is The Best Way To Resolve The Issues You Face?

When one partner believes the other is failing to do what is best for the business, the accusations alone can be extremely hurtful, causing the dispute to escalate quickly. But is dissolution of the partnership the goal? Is the best option for one partner to buy the other out? In some cases, the answer may be yes. In others, it may ultimately be more valuable to resolve the dispute while protecting the partnership. As part of the initial analysis of any case, the firm carefully weighs the risks and benefits of all available options.

Every business law case is personally led by David Manning Chodos, who believes in taking a reasoned approach, rather than immediately filing lawsuits. If the client has been accused of doing something wrong, the wrongdoing may actually be relatively minor and easily corrected. If the client is accusing the partner of wrongdoing, the same may be true. Taking steps to prevent reoccurrence of the error may prove more satisfying than litigation.

When Litigation Is Necessary

The firm certainly does not shy away from litigation. When it is necessary, the firm believes in getting to the heart of the matter and resolving the partner dispute as quickly as possible, preferably through settlement. When trial becomes necessary, the firm is prepared to protect the client's rights and interests with tenacity, skill and determination.

Free Initial Consultation

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