Resolving Shareholder Disputes

Chodos & Associates handle corporate disputes of all types, including shareholder disputes. The firm's cases typically involve successful closely held corporations with a small number of shareholders.

When directors, shareholders and all other parties in this type of business litigation need a lawyer, our firm can help. We serve clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

What Is Your Dispute About?

Has a director breached his or her duties? Have shareholders not been provided with required financial and accounting information? Has the shareholders agreement been breached? Is there a general disagreement about the business strategy? Is there an issue with dividend policies?

The firm handles all types of shareholder disputes, including derivative claims. These are claims in which a member of the company, such as a shareholder, files a lawsuit on behalf of the company. These lawsuits can be against directors, but they can also be against third parties for damages done to the company.

Our Results-Oriented Approach Can Benefit You

Regardless of the reason for the shareholder dispute, clients benefit from the decades of experience offered by the firm. All cases are personally led by David Manning Chodos, who believes that by thoroughly researching the facts and preparing each case for trial, clients are put in a better position to reach a favorable settlement. By doing this heavy lifting upfront, when a trial is unavoidable, the firm can focus on the finer points of strategy rather than having to start from scratch. This approach has led to a strong record of success.

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