Protecting Your Intellectual Property

For many companies, their most valuable assets cannot be seen, touched or transported. These assets are referred to as intellectual property and include trademarks, trade names, trade secrets and copyrights. These valuable assets deserve protection. When one business believes that another misappropriated, infringed upon or otherwise compromised its intellectual property, it can lead to a serious dispute.

Chodos & Associates protect its clients' intellectual property through trademark litigation, trade name litigation, trade secret litigation and copyright litigation. Much of the firm's work in this area is on behalf of clients in the entertainment industry. The firm also handles cases on behalf of a wide range of other businesses in other industries, including manufacturers, technology companies, distributors and retailers.

We serve clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

How Was Your Intellectual Property Compromised?

Do you need a lawyer because another business put products on shelves with matching or similar trademarks or trade names? Was a copyright related to film, television, music or art ignored?

These cases can be intricate. If one party claims that the other has stolen a trade secret, the question arises as to whether the item or idea in question was actually a trade secret. Perhaps the idea was to play in other businesses. Perhaps it truly was a proprietary item, such as a customer list, that was taken by a former employee of one company and used by the other.

With decades of experience handling these complex cases, Chodos & Associates has the skill to overcome all challenges. The firm takes pride in avoiding litigation if at all possible, saving its clients time and money while still obtaining a positive outcome. However, when intellectual property litigation becomes necessary, as is often the case, the firm will be well prepared for settlement or trial, depending on the needs of the case.

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