The Advantages Of Starting Before Things Deteriorate

Controversies between partners, shareholders and co-owners: Getting there early.

A significant part of any business trial lawyer's practice may consist of disputes between partners, co-owners and shareholders about the business they jointly own. The biggest mistake clients make is to wait until the proceedings have already been filed of have to be filed immediately before consulting a lawyer.

As much as we trial lawyers enjoy being in court, most clients don't. They want to achieve a result. Often consulting trial counsel before things degenerate to the point that a lawsuit has to be filed can get avoid the necessity of filing or defending one at all. Trial lawyers are tacticians and deal in resolving controversies. The same things that make trial lawyers successful in court gives them the tools to coach their clients as to what to do to get the result they want without ever filing. Often the matter gets resolved and the other party doesn't even know that an attorney was involved in the background. Getting there early can make all the difference.