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At the outset of a civil business dispute, time is often the enemy. It is important to act quickly to ensure rights and interests are protected. It is equally important to act intelligently, because the wrong move can serve to exacerbate matters, adding time and expense.

Chodos & Associates is dispute resolution results oriented. Rather than undertaking needless efforts and running up billable hours, the firm believes in immediately getting to the central questions in every case. The emphasis is on obtaining the best outcome for the client, quickly and cost-effectively and avoiding courtroom litigation when possible.

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What Should Your Next Steps Be?

The steps that make the most sense to take next depend of course on your particular circumstances and your goals. We offer a customized civil dispute resolution approach, capable of taking actions that include:

  • Litigation avoidance: Even in the most experienced hands, litigation is best avoided. The firm takes great care to look for alternative dispute resolution methods for the desired outcome without filing a lawsuit in order to preserve valuable relationships in the process.

  • Pre-litigation: If a lawsuit must be filed, the work done prior to filing can set the stage for success. The firm carefully prepares every case.

  • Settlement: The firm is well-versed in strategies to compel an opponent to agree to a fair settlement that meets its client's needs, avoiding trial in the process.

  • Arbitration and mediation: These alternatives to trial may be required by contract in some cases. The firm is skilled at navigating through the arbitration and mediation process.

  • Trial: The firm will make full use of its procedural and argumentation skills if a trial becomes necessary. Attorney David Manning Chodos, who leads every case, has decades of experience taking cases in front of judges and juries.

  • Appeals: The firm is able to handle appeals of all types, as well as cases initially tried by other attorneys.

Committed To Positive Resolution Results in Civil Litigation

Having served individuals and businesses in Los Angeles, California, and beyond for decades, there are very few types of disputes the firm has not handled. The firm is well-equipped to resolve even the most complex and challenging civil litigation.

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