Alternative Dispute Resolution of Civil & Business Disputes

Alternative dispute resolution or ADR, particularly the use of mediation and arbitration ,  for the dispute resolution is becoming more common. In arbitration and mediation may even be contractually required. In some situations, arbitration methods may be more likely to lead to success than the traditional litigation settlement negotiation. They can be more efficient and less costly than the trial litigation, so they are often preferred. These methods are nuanced and come with their own rules, so it is important to choose a lawyer confident and experienced in guiding clients through alternative dispute resolution methods.

Chodos & Associates has decades of experience resolving litigation through ADR. We serve clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California.

What Are Your Options Besides Litigation?

Mediation involves both sides working together to reach a mutually agreed-upon outcome to resolve their dispute. The process is facilitated by a trained mediator. Both parties are represented by their own attorneys, as usual. Mediation can be an effective way to resolve business litigationcontract disputes, entertainment litigation, as well as real estate litigation and more.

Would Arbitration Be Effective In Your Situation

Arbitration may be required by contract in some business disputes, including corporate shareholder disputes and business partnership disputes. Unlike mediation, arbitration more closely resembles trial. It relies on an arbitrator which is similar to a having a judge, reaching decisions based on knowledge of the law and arguments made by both sides during the course of a hearing. Chodos & Associates approach arbitrations with the same careful preparation and commitment to results that it brings to trial.

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