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The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is contacted about a child being neglected, abused or otherwise endangered. The call could come from a neighbor, a teacher or anyone. DCFS will initiate an investigation to determine whether or not the child should be removed from the family home. In these cases, parents do not have to simply sit back and allow the investigation to unfold in front of them. Parents have the right to enlist a lawyer to ensure that their voices are properly heard.

Chodos & Associates, in Los Angeles, represents parents in the Department of Children and Family Services investigations. The goal in these cases is to work with DCFS to make it clear that the alleged child abuse or child neglect is not happening, or to remedy any issue of child endangerment that is truly occurring in the home. Ultimately, the firm strives to prevent the investigation from leading to the next step: litigation in children's court.

When An Investigation Leads To Litigation In Children's Court

While children's court litigation is unavoidable, the firm's decades of experience are a powerful asset. These are unique cases. The rules of Los Angeles Children's Court are not the same as in other courts. If the Department of Children and Family Services files a petition in Children's Court, clients of Chodos & Associates can be confident that every measure will be taken to have the child returned home as quickly as possible.

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