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Making Your Position Known

If you are involved in a business dispute, a successful resolution without a costly trial depends on dealing effectively with the other side. But how do you make your position known, in a way most likely to engage the other party in a productive way?

At Chodos & Associates, we know how to use demand letters strategically to communicate our clients' concerns to opposing parties. Using decades of experience, our firm can help you move forward in pursuing a satisfactory outcome to any type of civil dispute.

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What — Or How Much? — Are You Asking For?

A demand letter is a way of telling an opposing party what you require in order to resolve a disputed matter without having to file a formal lawsuit. In many cases, this will be a sum of money, but it could also be some other action.

The letter could be addressed to the other party or to that party's attorney. When we send it on your behalf, it summarizes for the other party why they are in trouble — and what must be done to let the threat of legal action go away.

To be most effective, however, the pressure the letter generally leaves open the possibility of compromise. On that level, the letter serves as opening volley in a back-and-forth that often results in a favorable resolution without extended litigation.

Our law firm is adept at forging such resolutions. David Manning Chodos has a proven track record of results in working out favorable settlements for clients in all types of business disputes.

Litigation is only one way to do this. Another is by using negotiation or alternative dispute resolution procedures allowed by California law.

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