Maximizing Your Interests By Avoiding Litigation

Do you want to file a lawsuit or have you been threatened with a lawsuit? The philosophy that Chodos & Associates believes is to avoid litigation if at all possible. The process of litigation is stressful, time consuming and always costly. Also potentially valuable relationships are often destroyed in the litigation process. Even in the hands of the most experienced attorneys, there are inherent risks to litigation, particularly if litigation leads to trial. The firm brings decades of experience to every case and understands that there are often alternative dispute resolution methods for obtaining the desired outcome without filing a lawsuit.

We serve clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California.

Filing A Lawsuit = Dropping A Bomb

Filing a lawsuit is like dropping a bomb. It cannot be taken back. Prior to taking this step, Chodos & Associates believes in conducting an initial analysis of any case, weighing the case's value against the cost of litigating the case. Before moving forward, clients will understand the risks and benefits of all available options for solving a dispute. Clients are provided all of the information necessary to make informed decisions about their cases.

Perhaps a business dispute, such as a shareholder dispute or partnership dispute, can be resolved through an alternative amicable means, ultimately strengthening the business for the future. Perhaps a business contract dispute is the result of a misunderstanding and does not truly require litigation. The firm will review all of these options.

Preparing For Litigation

Chodos & Associates is a litigation firm, ultimately prepared to litigate every case. The time taken to review alternatives to litigation, the pre-litigation stage, is advantageously used to position the client for success if litigation becomes necessary. No time is wasted in pursuing an outcome that meets the client's short-term and long-term needs. Even if litigation is necessary, trial may not be. The case may be resolved through business dispute mediation or arbitration.

Contact A Skilled Attorney

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