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Chodos & Associates bring decades of experience to estate, trust & probate law disputes. The firm is prepared to move quickly to obtain positive results, even if it ultimately requires trial. In the past, these cases used to tried in front of a jury. However, now they are decided by a judge, which make it more critical that an attorney understand the process and proceed with care.

We provide estate, trust and probate legal services to clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

Are You Involved In A Probate Dispute?

After the death of a loved one, when emotions are running high, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise over wills. It's not uncommon for legal disputes over wills to involve allegations that the deceased was not of sound mind at the time the will was created, that the deceased was the subject of undue influence or that the deceased was in some way defrauded into including or not including someone.

These cases are risky and can be made more complex by provisions in wills that require that contesting parties receive less than they would otherwise, if anything at all. Chodos & Associates has the experience to address these issues either through alternative dispute resolution techniques or traditional litigation.

Did The Trustee Act Properly In Your Case?

Trustees have a great deal of responsibility. Not only are they tasked with distributing assets in accordance with the wishes of the person who created the trust, they are required to provide accountings to all beneficiaries along the way, among other duties.

Accusations of a trustee failing to correctly administer the trust often lead to litigation. These will disputes are litigated in the probate court, much like will contests and probate litigation. Chodos & Associates is available to represent trustees and beneficiaries in these disputes.

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