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If you decide to have your trial attorney to plead your trial case in the courtroom then you've put it in the hands of the judge and the 12 trial jurors. Therefore, success at trial depends as much upon the ability to communicate the legal facts to the people on the jury as it does on the facts themselves. A trial lawyer must be able to make the client's position clear to those 12 strangers, to make them understand why they should choose the outcome that best suits the client's needs.

Chodos & Associates Attorneys at Law in Los Angeles, CA has decades of trial court experience successfully resolving cases in front of a judge and jury. We serve clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California.

The Trial Process: What Is Formality? What Truly Matters?

Experience teaches a lawyer what truly matters when preparing for a trial. Spending time on something that is merely a formality means that not enough time may be spent on what truly matters. Chodos & Associates trial lawyers have the skill to carefully and correctly prepare for the trial process, taking into account the nuances of the process itself, as well as the dispositions of the litigants involved in the trial, including the judges who will preside over cases.

Setting The Stage For A Successful Court Trial

When business litigation, contract disputes, entertainment litigation, real estate litigation and other types of litigation go to trial, it is not uncommon for the client to take the stand. A very important part of preparation is working with the client so they understand how to answer questions. Even the slightest misstep, such as arguing instead of answering a question or telling even the slightest lie, can irreparably damage a case. Chodos & Associates take great care in this aspect of preparation.

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