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3 Things To Know About Contract Disputes

Contracts are central to business. Avoiding disputes where possible and resolving them efficiently when necessary is therefore a key component of success for your venture.

At Chodos & Associates, in Los Angeles, we help clients protect and assert their interests when facing contract disputes. Drawing on decades of experience, our law firm can guide you confidently in identifying your options and choosing the best course of action to achieve your goals.

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Careful Drafting Of Contracts Can Avoid Many Contract Disputes

Ambiguity about a contract's terms can be a recipe for trouble. When the parties have different understandings of what the contract says, the risk of conflict increases.

Careful drafting can clarify the terms and help to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.

Litigation Or The Threat Of Litigation Can Escalate A Dispute When Not Handled Carefully

In the business world, initiating litigation as soon as a disagreement about a contract occurs can be counterproductive.

After all, a contract is essentially the formalizing of a certain type of relationship. Insisting on complete adherence to its terms can damage your relationships with the other party, sometimes irrevocably.

If the relationship is with a valued supplier, for example, bringing or threatening litigation may risk the loss of that supplier. Similarly, within a small business, a dispute between directors or partners can put the business itself at risk.

When A Dispute Arises, It's Important To Identify A Solution That's Best For Your Specific Situation

Being too aggressive in demanding your rights can also cause the other party to dig in against you, rather than being open to resolving issues through alternative dispute resolution or negotiation.

To be sure, some cases need to be aggressively litigated. In other cases, however, a more subtle approach can pay great dividends in bringing the other party to the table for an effective resolution.

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