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Protecting Your Rights When Facing Criminal Charges

Whether you have been arrested and officially charged or you are simply under investigation, immediate action is critical. When you choose Chodos & Associates in Los Angeles, California, you will be represented by a lawyer who understands how to protect you during a grand jury investigation. Taking the correct steps during this stage of the case can prevent charges from being filed against you or, if they are filled, position you for reduced charges.

If and when an arrest takes place, the firm understands how to work with prosecutors. The underlying fact that many people do not understand is that prosecutors are not in this business for the money or fame. Their job is to protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty. They have a high standard for the cases they take, and they take their jobs seriously. Chodos & Associates enters negotiations from a position of mutual respect and credibility based on decades of experience. The firm knows how to work with, rather than against, prosecutors in order to obtain a dismissal or reduced charges. When the firm cannot work with a prosecutor, it is well positioned to take the matter to trial if that is in the client's best interest.

Criminal Defense For Businesses And Business Owners

Chodos & Associates has a reputation for handling complex and intricate state and federal charges. Examples of cases the firm handles include defending a business accused of drug charges because it distributed a product to stores that allegedly contained a substance used to make drugs, or representing a business that sold an aircraft to a group that used it illegally.

Much of the work the firm does is white collar crimes defense involving allegations of embezzlement, money laundering or fraud. The firm has a long-standing record of success in very challenging felony cases.

Helping You Manage Your Reputation

The firm strives to position clients for success. That means educating clients about how to communicate to the press, if such communication is needed. Good intentions often backfire. The firm's goal is to prevent anything from standing in the way of a positive outcome.

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