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Decades of Experience and Success

Since 1955, Chodos & Associates and its predecessor firms (Simke, Chodos & Sasaki and more) have represented clients in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California, throughout the United States and overseas.

Under the leadership of trial attorney David Manning Chodos, the firm handles civil litigation of all types, as well as criminal defense and administrative law matters. Attorney Chodos has more than 40 years of experience handling these cases. He has also lectured on these topics frequently throughout the years, meaning he is responsible for teaching many of the other attorneys in this community how to handle these cases.

Attorney Chodos has many published opinions to his name. Published opinions are rare. An opinion is published only if it clears up a conflict between two existing legal theories or brings something new to light. Essentially, new law has been made.

Attitude Is Everything

Beginning in his early years as a lawyer, when he was taken under the wing of legal legend and "King of Torts" Melvin Belli, David Manning Chodos has been committed to getting results for his clients. He has successfully handled civil litigation of all types, including business litigation. There is very little that he has not seen and nothing too complex for him to take on. Continuing with his work at Chodos & Associates, he takes pride in taking on one-of-a-kind challenges and finding innovative solutions in order to propel his clients toward success.

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