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Why you hire civil litigation attorneys

 Why so many civil litigation attorneys?: The Covenant

There are more civil litigation attorneys in Los Angeles than in most countries.  Why so many? Because Americans sue each other a lot.

 The answer has its roots in who we Americans are and basic rules we live by. Strange as it seems, the same beliefs that make civil litigation attorneys so common make us successful as a people.

Why the big bosses needed it.

Courts and litigation, in one form or another, have always been a necessary part of any stable society, Historically, courts were developed primarily for one purpose: to protect the king's peace. The idea was for a citizen to have a way to settle disputes without taking up arms against his neighbours. Rulers learned quickly that unless they wanted their subjects to form their own armies, they'd better provide some peaceful means of settling disputes. They created courts because nothing else made sense. 

Why the rest of us do.

We are a commercial economy.  Merchants -- business people -- discovered many centuries ago that they needed some certainty in their transactions to be able to do business successfully and productively. They needed rules, or laws, and a mechanism for seeing that they were followed--and of getting disputes resolve peacefully when they weren't. It's no accident that every commercial society has a court system and that the most successful ones have better courts systems and its members hire civil litigation attorneys rather than hit men. 

The Covenant:

People think of the explosion of law suits in our society show of a lack of discipline and morality in our society. To some extent, exactly the opposite is true. Litigation is the result of a social covenant by which most of us swear off other more dangerous ways of redressing grievances in return for the benefits of being governed and protected by rules of law.

The covenant is simple. You agree to restrain yourself, to follow the rules and not do things you might like to do if they might hurt your fellow citizen or infringe on his rights. He or she, on the other hand, agrees to be restrained by same rules . Because we aren't angels, and don't always see things in the same way, we want a peaceful way of settling quarrels so we can get them over with and go on to building our lives.

Just look around you and you see the covenant at work everywhere. Watch motorists drive down an empty boulevard late at night. A light turns red There is no other traffic and no police around. . Yet we all stop, and wait until the light turns green, before proceeding through the intersection. Why? Because that's the covenant.... those are the rules of the game of life and people have learned to follow them as a matter of habit and expect others to do the same....knowing that keeping that particular covenant helps keep us alive and safe. Keeping the covenant, for most of us, has become second nature. Without it we would be spending much more time and energy watching our backs and much less building anything.  So we hire trial lawyers rather than thugs when we have a problem.

Now look around you at other parts of the world and see what happens when people do not have that sense of self restraint built into their collective DNA that has them settling their disputes peacefully in courts of one kind or the other. People end up killing their neighbors. Tribes taking what, and who, they want by force and using brutality and violence to get their way.

Does our legal system...our set of covenants have its problems? Sure it does. It is set up and run by human beings, and humans screw up from time to time. But as much as we may take it for granted and grumble when it doesn't work out perfectly, we still know, deep down, that it is the best system there is. It has lasted for centuries for one reason and one reason only: Pain in the neck it may be some times, it works. Its like what someone said about democracy: That democracy is the worst system of government in the world, except for all of the others systems.

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