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Navigating the process of dissolving business partnerships

Are you currently facing issues regarding a need to sever a long-standing business relationship? If so, remember, you are not alone, as many other California business people have faced similar situations in the past.

If your reasons for determining your business alliance needs to end have to do with a breach of contract, or, your business partner's failure to operate in good faith, it is understandable you may feel upset and worried about how best to handle the situation while, at the same time, moving toward a new and successful future on your own.

Addressing the emotional side of the situation

Whether you and your business partner built your company together from the ground up or entered into an already established plan, either way, deciding to end your relationship will likely evoke strong emotions on both sides.

The following are some of the more subtle aspects that may affect your decision making process regarding your current situation:

  • The business partner involved is a personal friend or family member: When you have a relationship outside of business with your business partner, it intensifies the emotional stress of taking action to seek justice when that person has harmed your business relationship in some way.
  • Your departure may bring an end to the business: Your decision to sever business ties may directly affect the ability of the company to remain in business. Knowing it may all come to an end if you leave may have an obvious impact on your decisions.
  • Financial implications: It's only natural you might worry about potential financial changes that may arise from your need to sever your business partnership or take legal action against your former business partner.

Even though you may be emotionally challenged in your need to address serious business problems, by reaching out for support and being proactive in seeking positive solutions, you may, in fact, be setting the stage for an even more prosperous, successful business future.

Exploring options regarding business litigation

If you're hoping to avoid a courtroom in your quest to resolve your current business-related problems, an experienced business and commercial law attorney may be able to help you.

It often helps to discuss a particular issue with someone who has compassion and understanding for the gravity of your situation. Generally speaking, it's best to choose an advisor who is fully prepared to address various types of situations, including:

  • Finance and investment issues: If you believe your business partner has acted unethically concerning business monies and/or investments, you'll want to arm yourself with guidance from someone who has successfully litigated similar cases in the past.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: An experienced business lawyer can help you protect your interests against any partner or parties who have acted in bad faith or have in some way violated a contractual obligation.
  • Copyright or trademark infringement: Many litigation situations involve intellectual property. If your rights have been infringed upon, achieving success in court may hinge upon the skills of the litigator you hire to represent you.

You most likely put a lot of effort into building your business and, therefore, do not wish to make any life-altering decision haphazardly. Whether you are able to resolve your current issues through focused discussion outside of court, or, determine that litigation is necessary, either way, it may be in your best interests to act alongside guidance from someone who has successfully helped others with problems similar to those you now face.

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