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Avoiding and fighting lawsuits in business

Like many California business owners, you probably realized quickly how important it is to protect yourself and your company from legal trouble. This includes remaining in compliance with the regulations of your industry and the laws of the state and federal governments. You have to be conscious of employee rights and careful about the behavior of your workers as well as your own conduct.

However, there are numerous other factors that may place you at risk for legal action. Knowing how to protect your business from these elements and where to turn for help if someone files a civil claim against you may save you valuable time and resources.

The protection of a solid contract

Contracts are a critical part of any successful business. If you do not use contracts for your employees, sales and vendors, you may be at risk. A contract can outline the terms of an agreement so there is little room for dispute, and without one, you may face an expensive and draining legal dispute. While having a contract may not prevent a client or employee from filing a lawsuit against you, a well-constructed agreement may assist you if a dispute arises that lands you in court.

You can easily download a generic contract online, but an attorney can help you draft one that is specific to your needs, compliant with state law and more likely to stand up in court. You can also contact that attorney for the best alternatives if a dispute arises over the contract.

Understanding intellectual property

You may come across a novel idea for promoting your business, but if that idea already belongs to another company, you may face accusations of trademark or patent violations. Some businesses inadvertently use copyrighted material on their websites, and this leads to civil actions that are costly to defend. To avoid this risk, it is wise to do plenty of research before using anything you see in print or online. You can also seek legal counsel for a better understanding of the laws in this area.

Having access to skilled representation is essential if someone names you or your business in a lawsuit. It may be difficult for one business owner to know and understand all the laws related to running a company, but an experienced business litigation attorney will have a history of success in these areas. If you cannot avoid a lawsuit, an attorney can offer guidance and advice for the most effective way to proceed.

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