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Contract disputes involving staff members

Often, when people think of a contract dispute, they may envision a bitter disagreement involving a client or even a business partner. However, it is important to remember that contract disputes can take various forms. For example, a disagreement may involve a staff member, and these can be especially tricky to deal with. Moreover, the outcome can have a significant impact on the future of your business, not only because it may involve an employee who is very important with respect to business operations but because it could affect your reputation and may even lead to additional disputes in the future.

Illegitimate breach of contract claims

Many times, when a lawsuit arises over allegations that a party failed to respect the terms of a contract, the claims are valid. However, it is important to point out that some of these cases are the result of completely false claims. Sometimes, a person may knowingly accuse another of failing to respect the terms of a contract even though they know the accusations are completely false. In other instances, someone may have misunderstood or misinterpreted the terms of an agreement, causing them to take legal action even though their claims are illegitimate. Either way, these cases should be approached with care.

Resolving a contract dispute without litigation

We know how challenging contract disputes can be, not only for those who own large corporations but small business owners as well. Contract disputes surface for a myriad of reasons and they can bring a number of devastating consequences into a business owner's life. Depending on the outcome of the case, significant repercussions could spell disaster for the entire company as well. Sometimes, these disputes can be resolved without going to court, but in other instances, litigation may be necessary. It is pivotal for business owners who are in the middle of these disagreements to go over all options on the table closely.

Examining the right to end contracts "for convenience"

Having a contract with a government partner offers great security for your company. Knowing that said partner has the backing of federal, state or local resources all but ensures that you do not have to worry about it fulfilling its financial obligations. It is for these reasons why clients in Los Angeles come to us here at Chodos & Associates in such a panic when they lose their government partners. You may feel the chances of this happening to your business are slim given the protections your contractual relationship provides. Yet you might be surprised to learn how easily a government entity can get out of a contract. 

Contract disputes and communication

Business owners find themselves in the middle of contract disputes for all sorts of reasons. From disagreements involving an employment contract to a dispute that has arisen with business partners, there are a wide variety of reasons why these cases surface. Moreover, the consequences of a dispute can be shattering with respect to a business' finances and future. As a result, you should try to resolve your contract dispute successfully if you are currently in this position. There are many aspects of contract disputes to consider and in this blog post we will look into communication.

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